Modern Hidden Hinge|Root River Hardwoods|Modern Door

Root River Hardwoods provides many unique doors. This door, a flush solid core door with premium American birch skins and stainless steel stripping, is no exception. But what you don’t see might be the most remarkable feature of this door. Its hinges are hidden within the jamb of the door. The hinges require extra coordination at the framing of the door openings, but the results are worthwhile. The hinges are especially useful in today’s trend towards “hidden doors” prevalent in contemporary design. Root River is often asked to provide T&G or shiplap paneling on interior accent walls. Often where there are door openings in these walls Root River provides a flush door with these hinges set so that the paneling can continue from the wall over the door, effectively making the door seem to disappear.

Modern American Birch Skin Door

Hidden Door Hinge