Flooring Pre-finishedCustom Walnut

You are not limited to just a few pre-selected colors. In selecting a finish, samples are critical. If a rustic of textured floor is desired the same finish can look radically different depending on the texture. You may use your full imagination. 


Flooring Unfinished

The raw lumber is sorted for longer lengths and is run through the same molders and at the same slower speed that we run trim. Installers love installing Root River floors with our longer lengths, less “shorts” and exact thicknesses. Everything we do is geared toward a custom application: any species, any width, any surfacing--clear or rustic, saw marked in several different ways, distressed from heavy to light. And all this can be done within normal four week lead times. You may use your full imagination. 


Floor Pricing


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Flooring Engineered

For engineered flooring applications Root River works with the finest engineered flooring manufacturers.  Options are too numerous to show here, so we have included links to these manufacturers catalogs. 


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